SINGLE VISIT ENDO: When, Why and How to Make it Possible and Successful (Limited attendance)

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General Dentists

This very practical course will show you the many benefits to providing endodontic treatment in a single visit, to both patients, doctors and your dental practice.  With new clinical protocols, instruments and scientific know-how, this is now possible to predictably achieve.  You’ll learn what instruments to use and what the clinical step by steps are that make it possible: from diagnostics to anaesthesia (including hot teeth) to instrumentation, irrigation and obturation.  

Many clinical scenarios and workflow tips and tricks will be highlighted to demonstrate when and how it’s ideal to perform endodontic treatment in one visit.  The program is tailored to novice and experienced general dentists. 

NOTE To Participants:

  • Please bring at least three endo accessed teeth stored in bleach.
  • Bring your dental loupes, if available and optional.

LECTURE Learning Objectives

  • Learn when it’s ideal to perform single visit endo and what clinical protocols should be followed.
  • Understand the clinical and practice management benefits of efficient endo treatments.
  • Learn what endodontic armamentaria is recommended and how to use it.
  • Learn the scientific evidence supporting single visit endodontics.
  • Know the clinical workflow pre, during and post endo treatment that make it possible.
  • Learn of the importance of intra-canal debridement and the current protocols.
  • Know when and how to use anaelgesics and antibiotics in endodontics.


Under close supervision by Manor and on acrylic and extracted teeth, participants will learn, how to l negotiate canals (including curved & calcified), instrument and obturate more efficiently and safely.  There will also be exercises on safe and effective intra-canal irrigation and debridement which is crucial in single visit endo.  Practical tips and tricks will be demonstrated.

Workshop Learning Objectives

  • Learn to instrument calcified and curved canals with small hand and new generation NiTi files.
  • Learn how to safely and effectively perform intra-canal irrigation, activation and debridement.
  • Learn how to predictably obturate root canal systems (not just canals).


Dr. Manor Haas is a certified specialist in endodontics and is extensively involved in continuing education.  He is on staff at the University of Toronto’s Department of Endodontics and the Hospital for Sick Children Department of Dentistry.  He also maintains a full-time private practice limited to Endodontics and Microsurgery in Toronto.  Manor is a regular contributor to dental magazines and websites and has lectured internationally on nearly all aspects of endodontics.  He has no financial or proprietary interest in any product or company.  He takes great pride in providing very practical and honest courses and of being very attentive to his participants.


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Course Name

SINGLE VISIT ENDO: When, Why and How to Make it Possible and Successful


(CAD) $799 Plus Applicable Taxes


Dr. Manor Haas,

CE Credit:  7 Hours of Ce Credits
AGD Code 070




Genesis Continuing Dental Education
660 Petrolia Road
North York M3J 2V2
Ontario, Canada

Avalaible Dates

June 1st 2024,

October 5th 2024

SINGLE VISIT ENDO: When, Why and How to Make it Possible and Successful (Limited attendance)


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