Mr. Paul Sims graduated as a Registered Nurse from Seneca College of Applied Arts and Technology-Nursing Division in 1982 and immediately began working at North York General Hospital on the Adolescent Surgery and Pediatric Isolation ward.  He then transferred to the Emergency Department a year later where he worked in all aspects of the department. In 1985, Paul joined the practice of a Toronto based Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon where he was responsible for both the Clinical and Business aspects of the practice for 28 years. Since July of 2013 Paul has been a Sedation Assistant for Chrysalis Dental Centres in Toronto. Paul has been an active volunteer member of the St. John Ambulance since 1974 and is currently a Commander in the Order of St. John.  He has volunteered at almost every level and has held almost every leadership role in the organisation. His current duty at St. John Ambulance is Chair of the Ontario Medical First Responder Competition Committee.