Hands-on introduction to surgical implant skills

This evening will introduce undergraduate students to the fundamental workflow of placing an implant.
This hands-on experience will encompass creating an incision exposing bone in a pig mandible creating
an osteotomy, placing an implant and suturing the surgical site.

Learning Objectives:

  • Participants will learn to incise soft tissue and create a flap
  • Participants will learn the steps in preparing an implant site osteotomy
  • Participants will learn to close a surgical site using commons suturing techniques

Bus pick up from 123 Edward St at 5:30pm
light dinner at 6:30pm
program 7-9pm
return bus pick up at Genesis at 9pm
Available Course Dates

*This course is intended for

3rd year Undergraduate Students*

For more information about upcoming course dates please email courses@genesiseducation.ca

Course Name

Hands-on introduction to surgical implant skills


Genesis Faculty:
Dr Alex Bongard
Dr Steven Bongard
Dr Brian Freund
Mr. Paul Sims
Ms Flora Santos
Dr John Zarb




Genesis Global Education Centre
660 Petrolia Road
North York M3J 2V2
Ontario, Canada