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Dates Availaible:

June 11 & 12 2021

June 11th: 6:30 pm – 9:30 pm EST

June 12th: 9:00am- 12pm EST

*Courses will be administered through ZOOM

link will be sent to registered doctors

Course Outline


How and when to diagnose, screen and manage patients remotely and clinically.

 Access preparations in anterior and posterior teeth.

 Locating canals (including MB2) Instrumenting protocols (stainless steel hand filing and NiTi mechanized filing) for calcified and curved canals. 

Producing a glide-path with hand and NiTi files. 

How to prevent apical blocks and ledging. Intra-canal irrigation and activation protocols.

 Predictable obturation (warm vertical and carrier-based). How to avoid and manage clinical mishaps (ie perforations, blocking/ledging canals, obturation extrusions) 

Anaelgesics and antibiotics in endodontics (pre and post treatment)

1 vs. 2 appointment root canal treatments. 

Managing endodontic emergencies How to improve and the importance of treatment efficiency.

 Office administrative and clinical protocols that should be incorporated to meet pandemic – related guidelines and how to move forward.

 Q & A session.




LIVE DEMONSTRATIONS and very close supervision by Dr. Haas.

How to access and negotiate calcified and curved canals.

 Producing a glidepath with hand files and NiTi files. Irrigation and intra-canal sonic activation. 

Step by step protocols for single visit root canal treatment. Program recap and Q & A.

Complete endodontic kits for the workshop will be sent to the participants and will include: Irrigation and instrumentation tools (stainless steel hand C-files and rotary NiTi files for glidepath and canal shaping). Canal irrigant, lubricant, pliers, endo explorer, ruler, mini-hand endo mirrors with rulers. Extracted and endo accessed teeth, stored in bleach (participants do NOT need to provide teeth) Participants will only need to have a rotary endodontic motor with handpiece.

Refunds/Cancellations: In case of cancellation by registrant, refunds will be issued if recieved no later than three weeks prior to the start of the first session. Genesis Continuing Dental Education reserves the right to program cancellation and will not be responsible for expenses incurred by the registrant. Thank you to Dentsply Sirona Academy for supplying the materials for our hands-on workshop (include logo).

Thank you to Dentsply Sirona Academy for supplying the materials for our hands-on workshop.


Course Address:

This is an online course

It will be administered over Zoom

Technology Requirements for ZOOM

Access to the internet, Windows/Mac based operating system.

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"It was a great lecture and hands-on course! I’ve attended lectures during the pandemic but haven’t done a hands-on virtual one so I was a bit nervous but the overall experience was great! Thank you again! Looking forward to attending more lectures from Genesis."
April 2021 Course attendee

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Course Address:

This is an online course. Courses will be shown through ZOOM.

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