Genesis Implant Prosthodontic Online/On Demand Module

Implant Prosthodontics is a prosthodontic treatment solution with a surgical component. This on demand didactic content covers the important details associated with the pre-surgical and pre-prosthetic patient determinants that are critical to a successful treatment outcome. The steps required for appropriate diagnosis, digital and analog workflows, prosthetic design considerations and insertion protocols are discussed in detail in the following modules.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Pre-surgical prosthodontic planning
    a. Concept of prosthetically driven treatment
    b. Overview of digital implant planning (digital records and smart fusion)
    c. Implant positioning parameters and impact of restorative outcomes
    d. Brief overview of guided surgery technique
    e. Case examples
  2. Pre-restorative assessment
    a. Parameters of implant health
    b. Considerations for provisional implant restorations
    c. Provisional implant restoration fabrication (step by step)
    d. Impression component selection
  3. Final impressions for single-unit implant restorations
    a. Analog impression techniques:
       i. Open tray impression technique (step by step)
       ii. Closed tray impression technique (step by step)
       iii. Customized impression coping (step by step)
    b. Digital impression technique
       i. Understanding scan bodies
       ii. Common errors and other considerations
    c. Additional records and shade selection
  4. Design considerations for implant restorations
    a. Emergence profile and biologic response
    b. Components and material selection for:
       i. Translucency and aesthetics
       ii. Biologic stability
       iii. Versatility and retrievability
       iv. Strength and longevity
    c. Morphology and occlusion
    d. Clinical examples
  5. Manufacturing for implant restorations
    a. Lab communication and prescriptions
    b. Analog workflow
    c. Digital workflow
  6. Insertion of single-unit implant restorations
    a. Managing interproximal contacts
    b. Modifying emergence profiles
    c. Adjusting occlusion
    d. Access hole closure (step by step)
  7. Considerations for multiple-unit implant restorations

          a. Prosthesis Design
             i. Screw retained vs. cement-retained restorations
             ii. Implant level vs abutment level restorations
             iii. Component selection
             iv. Synthetic gingiva with pink
          b. Impression taking
             i. Analog
             ii. Digital
          c. Prosthesis insertion

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