Embracing Immediacy and Simplicity as the NEW Paradigm for Patient Care in Implantology – A 2-Day Program

This small group comprehensive 2-Day program focuses on the merits of embracing Immediacy as a patient centred implant prosthodontic treatment solution. Through a series of live and previously recorded surgeries, formal presentations, group discussions and hands-on training, dental teams will become familiar with the merits of prescribing the Straumann BLX Implant for a variety of Immediacy Protocols including the single tooth and full arch solutions. Particular emphasis will be placed on how best to have the entire team embrace and advocate for Immediacy Protocols to be adopted in dental practices.


Learning Objectives:

  1. Embracing both analogue and digital immediacy workflows. A conscious commitment to do everything possible to ensure the patient leaves with tooth/teeth (managing hard/soft tissue and aesthetics) 
  2. Identifying and managing patients’ needs and expectations.  
  3. The Business of Immediacy 
  4. Highlighting the many prosthetic options available for definitive restorations 
  5. Recognizing the multitude of services available to clinicians with or without the investment of in-house technology. Highlighting the importance of intra-oral scanning as an entree into the digital realm.  Recognizing the value of CoDiagnostiX 
  6. Availability and use of Straumann Group Biomaterials



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