2 Day Oral Surgery Skills Course For GPs

This Oral Surgery skills course for the GP focuses on everyday procedures.

We combine the technical background with the essential hands-on techniques that will allow you to perform your surgeries with foresight and confidence.

This course is limited attendance and will take place in our simulation lab where you will learn on special dental models, simulated bone blocks and pig mandibles.

Over 2 days we will cover soft tissue surgeries, exodontia and introduce you to guided implant placement.

Learning Objectives

  • Understanding how hard and soft tissues heal
  • Appreciate local and systemic factors that can compromise patient outcomes
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of techniques and procedures used to mitigate surgical complications and hurdles to future treatment

Hands-On exercises

  • Flap design Suturing (interrupted, continuous locking, figure of 8)
  • Biopsy techniques
  • Simple extractions (forceps & elevators)
  • Surgical extractions (bone & soft tissue sparing)
  • Impactions (lower mesio-angular & horizontal)
  • Root removal
  • Incision & Drainage (drain placement)
  • Oral-antral penetration repair
  • Socket preservation & basic GBR
  • Sinus bump (Summers procedure)
  • Introduction to implant placement (guided & freehand)
  • Tongue & lip tie revision


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